This month I have done very little drawing. My schedule has been full with teaching (I’m a yoga teacher). My body likes routine and it has been completely sidelined for a while now. I find myself having loads of energy one day to needing two naps the next. I set goals and have clear intentions to work and lose myself in my drawing, but find that planning to have creative energy is almost impossible. It is like desiring the stars to align. Some days I am able to muster just enough energy to give to my students. Or I plan to go to sleep early and end up laying in bed noticing how still my body can be for what feels like hours. I have learned to be more patient with myself… more compassionate? Even though I am drawing very little, I feel very observant – watching as thoughts and emotions continue to cycle as they always will. I am trying to listen/feel/see/watch more, notice what catches my attention and keep a record of it – which often ends up with what feels like a massive quantity of videos and photos in my phone. Patterns start to arise and this has always interested me: patterns, categories, groupings, waves of visual interest. I have more… but here are just a few videos of what I have been watching.

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