texture – Daphne

To keep you posted after a rather long pause since the last update… After a few attempts to get started on this project, I finally did. It is an enlarged charcoal drawing of bark of a paper birch – from a picture I took in the Sonian Forest here outside of Brussels in October. I am thinking about the Daphne and Apollo metamorphosis myth – the moment she is turned into a laurel tree – and her skin turns to bark under his hands. I am interested in that moment… and the texture. (More on this in my previous post.)

Below you will find just a couple quick photos of the progress. The second pic is useful in showing the scale of the work.

A few guidelines I set myself for work on this piece:

  •  keep track of the minutes that I draw : TIME
  • what am I listening to as I draw : SOUND
  • write down words that come to mind … on the drawing but also in my sketchbook : TEXT
  • allow for precision and movement : LINE, GESTURE
  • use hands : TOUCH





A few details of Bernini’s statue of Daphne and Apollo:

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