after the trip to london, i felt like i wanted to tuck in, curl up and retreat. these knot drawings are small – and their size makes it easy for me to just curl into myself, draw and let it transport me. there is little physical output required. i wanted to make this one as light and gentle as i could. i used a 6H pencil when i may usually use a 2B. here are a few pics from the process. the word tender seems to keep coming up – in conversations, messages, song lyrics (blur – tender). tender – gentle – caring – loving – directed towards oneself, others, objects… perhaps being tender especially in the face of vulnerability. whether your own or someone else’s. there is inherent beauty in the ability to be vulnerable. …. this idea is not flushed out… but… i want to think of it like the delicate and loving action of caring for a wound.

in this case, i wanted the drawing to be rendered slowly, tenderly and to relish in the process of just sitting and moving this drawing out and onto the paper.



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