new year. new approach. to everything. i’m working on softening my edges, learning to let go but also love more expansively, to fear less and to find more joy, lightness and levity – something that seemed to be so hard to find in the past years. it is easy to let your life get heavy and serious. i want to remember that i (just like everyone) was just stardust before i got here, and i will soon enough return to being stardust. i want to feel full and awake while i’m here. i have been resting more, slowing down, inserting magic into my days, enjoying some new physical disciplines, reading for fun, taking more baths, connecting with old friends, knitting more, learning more new constellations and waking up early to catch the full blood wolf moon. i have been busy teaching a few new classes per week this month and have another workshop series. i cleaned out my closet, art supplies, and paperwork – getting rid of bags and bags of items and rediscovering old loves. when i returned home from my weight training yesterday amidst the snow falling, i finally sat down to draw and fell head-first into the drawing for close to 4 hours. another knot.

as i update the knot drawing gallery (on that page: knots and leaves and things), i realize that there is such a sense of accumulation of these drawings and images in those galleries! part of me wants to categorize them, or delete/archive (part of my current obsession with cleaning out and getting lighter) old images to make space for new ones… I keep intending to delete some pics that I like less… but i feel like I should leave them in their chaos and random order. the knots can exist on their own, but i believe that together they take on something greater. and perhaps it is just the beauty of the time that i carved out to do nothing but put the pencil to paper. the minutes, hours and most likely days that accumulate.

the ground is covered in snow. and now that my lunch date cancelled, i think ill take the dog on a snowy adventure. or draw. ahhh, the day is my oyster 🙂

in cleaning out – it is amazing what you find – things you kept… i’m thinking these wings may just come in handy this year. so, I kept them again.

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