red feather and burial









i have been considering the knot drawings increasingly as internal landscapes and thinking more about how they connect to geographical landscapes, especially the places that surround me. these ideas are still raw and in need of some further exploration. the day when i started the drawing, i happened upon a red feather – laying in the snow.


after making the drawing (seen in the picture above), i took it to the forest and buried it. this is not the first time i have buried artwork; it is something i am circling back to. thoughts from my mfa research are resurfacing, but they are bubbling back up with different connections. my mind is quite full and i am attempting to NOT identify exactly what is happening yet, but just see… how it progresses. that being said, there are still big themes that are (re)introducing themselves: landscapes – both internal and external, connection to the here and now, decay (time), non-attachment, ritual, our relationship with nature, mythology – namely Ovid’s account of Actaeon and Artemis (arrows…), gender roles especially in relationship to landscape…

i always want the artwork to tie themes together in a neat little bow, but i am going to avoid that tendency of mine to make sense of everything all the time. rarely do things get the neat little bow filled with satisfaction and closure – usually they are messy and often contradictory – and perhaps it is in that unclear state of multiple perspectives where… life gets beautifully interesting.

video of the burial. apologies for the quality – i decided to do this while on a run in the forest, hence the slightly heavier breathing (feel free to mute it) and my inability to keep the camera pointed at the precise location.



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