progress and movement is sometimes slow and underground

i feel like i might have lied when i said i would post more soon. time did not get away from me, but i had homework to get done for an advanced yoga training and my computer has been acting up. i did manage to do some drawing (in response to a dream i had of tightly holding hands – alas, the drawing did not live up to its expectation and photos of it will not be posted).

i wanted to show that sometimes progress is slow, movement is slow… but eventually change happens or the progress becomes visible. it is often under the surface. caterpillar found walking in saturday sunshine…


my obsession with landscape has not changed. when i go out for runs, i often try to find different angles with my pics – and have taken more to making little panoramic videos. there is a sense of complete immersion in the surrounding landscape that you just can’t capture in a two-dimensional drawing. but… I’m working on it.


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