knots as internal landscape

March 1 addendum: In my re-reading of Rebecca Solnit’s book A Field Guide to Getting Lost, I found some jewels:


  • The landscape in which identity is supposed to be grounded is not solid stuff; it’s made out of memory and desire, rather than rock and soil…


  • The mind can be imagined as a landscape, but only the minds of sages might resemble the short-grass prairie in which I played with getting lost and vanishing. The rest of us have caverns, glaciers, torrential rivers, heavy fogs, chasms that open up underfoot, even marauding wildlife bearing family names. It’s a landscape in which getting lost is easy and some regions are terrifying to visit.


something about the knots keeps me coming back to them. organic. visceral. round. the way they interweave and capture the light and shadow. there is a connection with something more internal – like the viscera themselves.


Direct your eye right inward, and you’ll find

A thousand regions in your mind

Yet undiscovered. Travel them and be

Expert in home-cosmography.

– Henry David Thoreau




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