I am on a hunt…

I am on a hunt.

PART 1: I am trying to find the connections between different pieces of work. I went through my old work last week – pulling artwork out of portfolios and looking at old and new together. trying to look with new eyes. I moved things around, trying to let the work initiate dialogues. I looked for what is different between pieces, and what is similar. But… as they all come from me… there must be some sort of ‘hilo conductor’ [underlying theme?]… right? The truth is… this process of looking, rearranging, looking again, rearranging again… it never ends – there is always a different way the work could evolve. At the moment, I am trying my hardest to listen. to listen to the work… to myself… to the work… to myself…










PART 2: Being open to possibilities is also overwhelming – the options of where the work could go branch off in every direction like fast-growing tree roots… and I feel almost stunned, wondering how to approach so many ideas in such a short time. life is short. I need to make a decision. right? of course: landscape, nature, memory and dream, drawing, detail vs gesture, text…. these continue to surge. Perhaps I was looking for evidence in my portfolios – evidence of these themes or processes. Not to mention collected items – a salvaged bit of a tree stump from the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, and old family pics of the San Joaquin valley – reminiscent of drapery or crumpled paper. How do all of these fit together? Am I forcing them to fit into one neat package?










PART 3: I took myself on a trip to Ghent last week. In a little art bookshop I found a drawing magazine – the same yearly magazine that I had found in Berlin during my MFA. They interview an artist named Rina Charlott Lindgren – whose work is stunning, but a few things she said stood out for me:

“Being present in the studio without working can be very valuable. Taking the time to let art occur instead of making it… “

“Drawing feels very honest and naked to me. It is just black and white, and the distance between your mind and the sheet of paper is almost non-existing. “

This second quote… is one of the reasons I am so attracted to drawing as a medium. It is immediate.

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