hm. reflection on crit group feedback.

we chatted in december but it has taken me a little while to process some of the feedback i received. thanks to laurel, rosina and mikkel for taking the time to look at my work.

a list – because lists are a good idea – of a few of their thoughts that resonated with me:

  • keep collection of smaller drawings and photos going
  • intimacy
  • INTERNAL/EXTERNAL, public/private
  • way of being in the world
  • play with gentle vs angry
  • EMBRACING = act of holding closely someone in one’s arms – as a reference to the hand photos and gestures
  • could get even smaller and closer – cracks, pieces, details
  • gesture as a work in and of itself
  • my hands/body – something about my physical presence in the work or the realization of the body – BODY PARTICIPATING in the images
  • staying ‘in’ the drawing until it is completed



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