it’s friday morning in september

I am not going to make excuses for not having posted recently. I didn’t post because I was doing other things (new yoga website – coming soon – although it feels like ‘coming never’, planning the yoga workshops I will be giving, subbing some extra classes, taking care of a pooch that needed some extra love these last few weeks, increasing my running km, and trying to be quiet and calm). And truth be told – I have not been drawing much – but I know it will come back… and soon. Ideas are there and I can see the time and space laid out for me. The bits of solitude to jump back in. I can’t wait.

A friend of mine shared a text with me from someone else who had posted it from someone else (this is how those instagram things go) in early September… and I keep reading it.┬áHere:

I cannot tell you where tomorrow will lead, or what will be difficult or what will come with ease, but I can tell you, you are Loved, and you will have what you need, and you are still being guided right where you need to be. I can tell you that even when you feel that you have lost an irredeemable amount of time, all that time, you were blooming, and not a stage of growth was missed, and you have been growing ever since. You have been growing since. And I just hope this reminds you, your story is far from finished yet and you are allowed to find peace here, even before you know what happens next. – Morgan Harper Nichols